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DCC Software Policy

KFUPM as a reputed university in the world and as a leading university in the region has adopted a strategic policy to keep up with the advanced computing technologies and to provide the best computing services to its community for teaching, research and administrative purposes. The university has provided its faculty, students and staff with various types of computing hardware in labs and offices to achieve its goals.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of each individual at DCC to understand the significance of this policy and assure that the hardware is used for its intended purposes. This college will ensure that students, faculty, and staff maintain legal and ethical standards concerning the use of computer hardware and software. In order to implement such a policy, the students, faculty and staff using DCC hardware resources should comply with the following:

1 - Copying, installing, and electronically transmitting computer software is strictly prohibited except

  • Where appropriate written consent (from the holder of such copyright) is obtained.

  • Where the software is in the public domain and that can be proved.

  • If it is not an infringement of copyright laws for a user to make another copy of that computer program provided that such a copy is for archival purposes only.

2 - DCC computer programs may not be installed or loaned to anyone. However, the installation or loaning of computer software to the College staff and faculty for their nonprofit use is exempt from these restrictions based on the availability of licenses and copyrights for such purpose. All such installations must be notified to DCC IT through the user department.

3 - Illegal copies of software must not be used on any DCC computers. Pirated software installed by any user violates the copyright laws of the Kingdom in addition to causing serious threats to the College network.

4 - Determinations under items 1, 2 and 3 above will be made by DCC IT and not the individual. Any indications of a violation will be investigated. The unauthorized duplication or use of computer software, data, or computer manuals, unless appropriate written consent is obtained, is grounds for disciplinary and punitive action under university regulations.

Any repair work or damage resulting due to the use of unauthorized software will be charged to the concerned person.

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